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“Never run out of toner again”

Clares use the industries leading monitoring tool FMAudit, which accurately reads the chip in both the device and cartridge to determine when your cartridge will run out. FMAudit will order the correct product automatically and will then inform you by email. It couldn’t be any easier. As our monitoring tool can accurately predict to the day you will run out of toner, you will never need to order or have surplus stock again.


  • Force toner to own brand – Saving you on average 30%
  • Negate OEM proposed price increases
  • Just in time toner delivery will reduce stock piling
  • No purchase orders raised - reducing procurement cost
  • Improved delivery – as print usage is monitored we are able to forecast toner
  • Reduces pilferage by 18% (industry statistic)
  • Reduces obsolescence by 10% (industry statistic)
  • Reduces returns

All in all a fantastic solution to reduce your purchasing administration, simplify process and reduce cost. Available FREE to organisations with more than 10 printing devices.