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Improve workflow Boost Productivity

Clares are an independent print management (MPS) specialist. Our independence is the key to producing successful strategies, aimed at delivering significant financial benefits from its implementation.

Managed print solutions provide the foundation for incremental services. Printing is a workflow in an organisation. The desired outcome should control expenses by managing the environment, optimize the infrastructure, improve workflow & boost productivity.


  • Control spend and save money
  • No toner price increases for the duration of the contract
  • New printer fleet with no investment
  • Consolidate all different toners used
  • Reduced 15% of IT time and cost, managing old fleet
  • Improved networking compatibility reduces help desk calls
  • Replacement of old or high energy consumption devices
  • No Procurement cost for ordering supplies
  • Only one vendor to deal with

Optimize the Infrastructure - Clares software will report on usage trends, this will help you make informed decisions regarding the consolidation of print assets, the strategic placement of MFP’s to increase productivity and further software solutions to improve security and user productivity.