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"having a dedicated fax line for every fax device is a little like having a dedicated internet connection for every persons PC wanting to email"

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Payback period as little as 4 months

RightFax and Microsoft Exchange integration offers organisations a feature-rich solution enabling users to send and receive faxes directly from Microsoft Outlook. The ability to send and receive from the Microsoft Outlook mail client extends a great deal of benefits, such as:


  • No Fax lines
  • Fax can be sent from your PC
  • Reduced cost, payback period can be as little as 4 months
  • Productivity and process improvement
  • Faster send times from 9,600 to 33,300 BPS
  • Better fax management deliver a more reliable and trustworthy
  • No fax machine maintenance or support costs
  • Adherence to Data Protection Act
  • Penalty avoidance & secure tracking of faxing
  • Eradication of lost faxed documentation