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Increase efficiency and productivity

Clares are able to offer an in-house CAD design planning service from our offices in Hampshire.

Clares CAD designers are highly creative and have a thorough understanding of the importance of designing efficient and effective office spaces. They have extensive knowledge of health and safety guidelines making sure you are conforming to the required standards.
Whether it’s an empty office space we are planning or working to maximise/improve your current office space we will take your ideas and wishes and transform them into 2 or 3 dimensional plans.


  • Ensures new furniture layout fits in the office
  • Ensures health and safety guidelines are met
  • Improve the office environment for staff
  • Improve workflow
  • Maximise space

An initial consultation and survey of your current office space will help to ascertain your requirements. During the survey measurements are taken and key features are recorded. Our CAD planners will take the data to build your virtual office space and make any improvements/recommendations they feel would benefit you. Any existing office furniture you are keeping is drawn into the virtual model along with your new furniture range being encompassed into the plan.