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Secure Managed Service of Technology Assets

Single Supplier National Framework

Our Secure Managed Service of Technology Assets framework incorporates the purchase, tracking, management and support of technology assets alongside associated products and services. The framework is available to access at no charge by any public sector body.

For one monthly payment, you can upgrade all your technology assets with no capital investment. By replacing antiquated technology with new, you can expect to see a saving of up to 80% in electricity costs along with a 30% like-for-like saving compared to NHS Supply Chain and other suppliers.

As with all our frameworks, there are elements that contain VAT reclaim possibilities, potentially saving you thousands of pounds per annum. With our audit service we are able to produce strategies enabling you to maximise your savings.

Framework Benefits

  • One monthly payment for all requirements
  • Upgrade with no capital investment
  • 80% reduction in electricity
  • 40% product standardisation
  • 30% like-for-like savings
  • VAT reclaim savings
  • Manage and protect devices, data and documents
  • Product support helpline
  • On-call device engineers
  • Unrivalled choice of top brand products

Game Changing Technologies

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI allows you to host a desktop operating system on a centralised server in a data centre. The desktop image is delivered over a network to an endpoint device which may be a traditional PC, a thin client or a mobile device. VDI has many benefits, including improved security and IT maintenance.

Hardware Asset Management

Asset management software will keep track of all your technology assets, saving you time and money and allowing you to re-provision existing devices, eliminating unnecessary purchases. Through the use of asset management software, you are able to record and track and asset through its lifecycle - from purchase to disposal.

Server Virtualisation

Massively reduce the number of servers needed by your organisation by implementing server virtualisation. Consolidation alone brings with it other benefits such as reduced power consumption and air conditioning costs along with freeing up valuable space by reducing the data centre footprint.

Coverged Infrastructures

CI deliver cloud-like economics and agility with the security and predictability of on-premises solutions. CI brings compute, storage, networking and server virtualisation into a single chassis that is managed centrally. Effortlessly integrate VDI through the implementation of a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). HCI will allow added functionality by way of data deduplication, inline compression and more.

Copiers & Printers

The latest tools for efficient printer fleet management help reduce IT workload and operational costs, enhance employee productivity and enable users to print securely.

Licence Management

Software licence management is designed to reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with software assets and licensing. By deploying a fully-integrated licence management system you are able to ensure over-spend on software licences is eliminated.