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Low cost, no contract

Clares offer mains fed, filtered water coolers and boilers at a fraction of the cost of using bottled water.


  • No contract
  • Price guaranteed for 5 years
  • Free installation nationwide
  • Free sanitisation and filter change every 6 months
  • No more heavy lifting of bottles
  • Never run out of cool water

Better for your health

The outside of stored water bottles can attract bacteria and other pathogens during storage. These can be passed into the water bottle after it is fitted to the cooler. Once inside the bottle, bacteria may continue to grow since the water is unchlorinated. With mains feed coolers this does not happen, plus you will get a FREE sanitisation every 6 months to ensure the highest water quality.

Better for your business

A mains fed water cooler requires no initial outlay, offers lower running costs and is available with no lengthy contract to tie you down. We guarantee our low prices fixed for a full 5 years.