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An SME with Local Service

Clares logistics partner operates an in-house fleet of over 400 liveried vehicles that are both manned and managed by their own personnel without any third party involvement. They operate a sophisticated GPRS fleet management system to track the movements of every vehicle in real-time.

  • Local drives with local knowledge
  • Security cleared drivers
  • Ability to match NHSSC delivery schedule
  • Desktop delivery upon request
  • Order up to 5pm for next day delivery
  • Reusable packaging

Our service will delight you

Every vehicle is manned and managed by local employees with an intimate knowledge of their regional area; knowledge that is invaluable when making time critical deliveries. Logistics is a core competency for Clares’s partner and one which differentiates them from their competitors.

The logistics operation features:

  • Track and trace for orders throughout the delivery process
  • The ability to accommodate requests for timed, desktop or same day deliveries
  • Designated drivers on each route results in increased relationship with clients
  • Ability to forecast estimated time of arrival of vehicles via the satellite tracking system
  • Vans are fitted with Bluetooth telephones to ensure drivers are contactable